Basys New location continued expansion

Lenexa, Kansas


Collaborating with McCroskey Interiors, MBI played a pivotal role  in creating the lively and energetic environment at Basys’ Lenexa, Kansas facility. The fact that The Kansas City Business Journal named this location “The Coolest Office Space” in 2022 serves as additional proof of MBI’s creative approach to office design.

This 55,000 square foot workspace emits a youthful energy, encourages teamwork, and improves the entire work experience for the 150 people who work there. With open areas, private offices, break rooms, lounges, conferencing rooms, collaboration spaces, and more, MBI created a setting that is intended to draw in and keep talent. As Basys is growing and adding employees every month, MBI is a reliable partner committed to meeting the additional needs of this office.

Project Details




55,000 sf


100 workstations, Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Open Areas, Collaboration Areas, Break Rooms