Nature’s Variety Renovated Headquarters

St. Louis, Missouri


When Nature’s Variety looked into redesigning their St. Louis office, they wanted the space to reflect the company’s fun, animal-centered personality. Their original office featured six sections of closed office spaces and desks arranged in a cube, but the team wanted a more open floorplan that allowed for meetings, collaboration, and a collection of ways to sit and work throughout the day. Their culture is much more about transparency and collaboration, and the previous workspace with tall workstations and closed-door offices did not support that. While they still required the need for a certain number of private offices, the new design right-sized the current offices and reduced the count, allowing for more access to natural light in the internal spaces.

Since moving in, the advantages of the new design have completely changed the work experience for Nature’s Variety. “The design helps you make connections with people,” explained Shannon Hawkins, Key Account Manager for Nature’s Variety. “Meetings are more relaxed and not as stressful as they help set the tone. Knowing that you don’t have to stay at your specific desk and can move or go outside the office has been rewarding.”

Project Details




60,000 sf


Private Offices, Training Areas, Conference Rooms, Waiting Areas, Workstations


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