Panera Bread Headquarters

St. Louis, Missouri


Panera Bread’s strategic decision to relocate its headquarters to a 72,000 sq. ft. Maritz-owned corporate park space in St. Louis marked a significant transformation. At full capacity, the facility accommodates 200-350 employees daily, emphasizing the need for a cohesive and collaborative environment. In partnership with local architecture firm The Lawrence Group and Paric Construction, the relocation involved a complete renovation, with Modern Business Interiors playing a pivotal role in shaping the new workspace.

The first and second floors showcase the Allsteel Mural benching system and Approach desking line, creating a cohesive and functional layout. MBI, in collaboration with the Panera design team, introduced a unique selection of ancillary products that not only add pops of color and sophistication but also contribute to a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

These ancillary products, a blend of Allsteel’s partner brands and the Design Public Group platform, were curated by the designers and MBI to enhance the workspace’s aesthetics and functionality. Modern Business Interiors contributed to the transformation of Panera Bread’s headquarters, creating a workspace that fosters collaboration, creativity, and a sense of community.

Project Details




72,000 sf


Workstations, Private Offices, Collaboration Spaces, Conference Rooms, Outdoor Patio Café